Joe Steinbach and Roger Bumgarner created Ironwood Builders and began building homes in 2006. After only a few spec homes, they quickly realized their focus was building custom homes. In addition to building a very high quality home, it became apparent that a specialty of theirs was working with people to find lots, develop floorplans, and customize finishes. Since 2006, nearly every home built was a custom home, from the drawing board to final product, and that continues to this day. They view the pre-building and building experience for the homeowner to be just as important as the actual home, with both aspects receiving the extreme care and attention to detail. Over the years, Joe and Roger have not only loved the building process, but have also enjoyed developing long-standing relationships with homeowners. 

The three areas of attention at Ironwood Builders are the Process, the Product, and the Price. After just a few years in business, it became clear to Joe and Roger that many builders just focused on one or two of those, but never all three. There are plenty of builders that focus only on price, while they ignore quality materials and quality craftsmanship. The price-only conscious builder, many times, provides a sloppy and frustrating building process for the homeowner as well.  There are also many builders that focus only on the product.  Sure, their homes are nice, but they often deliver a terrible process and building experience.  These builders may also come with a high price and poor value for the homeowner. No other builder focuses on the Process, Product, and Price as much as Ironwood Builders.


Joe Steinbach was born and raised in Lincoln. He has been married to his wife Jody since 2007. Together they have two children - Kate and Jack

Roger Bumgarner also grew up in Lincoln. He has been married to his wife Steph since 2007. Together they have two children - Will and Charlie.


The Bumgarner Family
Roger, Steph, Will and Charlie