The process of building a home can be broken into three sections.  First, you have the pre-building process.  Second is the building process of your new home.  Finally, you have the warranty process for your new home.  Each one is very important, and Ironwood Builders is there to help with every step along the way.

Pre-Build Process

The first step is usually to schedule a meeting with Roger.  You don’t need to have a lot or floorplan figured out.  Many times, the initial meeting is just informational. 

Step 1: Identify a lot

It is important to at least have a neighborhood in mind when developing a floorplan.  Neighborhoods have certain requirements (called covenants) that will dictate the size of the home, the exterior materials used, the roof steepness (roof pitch), garage placement, etc…  Ideally, it is nice to have a lot identified as well, as that will determine the size of home you can build.

Step 2: Develop a Floorplan

Once a neighborhood and lot is determined, it’s time to begin a floorplan.  You can view hundreds of floorplans on file that can serve as a starting point.  Or, something completely unique can be created as well.  You can come in with some specific ideas, just a few basic pictures, or nothing at all!  In any event, Ironwood Builders can help you develop the perfect floorplan for you and your budget.

Step 3: Develop Finishes

Before moving on to the bid, certain finishes need to be discussed.  Do you want a composite deck or a cedar deck?  Do you want granite countertops or quartz?  What kind of baseboards do you want?  Do you want a gas line for your grill?  Taking some time to answer these types of questions will help you receive an accurate bid.  

Step 4: Receive a Bid

With Ironwood Builders, the bid is just as custom as the floorplan.  You won’t get “standard” allowances and “standard” finishes.  Your bid needs to be accurate, based on your unique floorplan and your specific finishes.  Producing an accurate, realistic bid will help you stay on budget during the build.  The goal of this step is to give you a bid that includes the specs and allowances that you can actually stick to during the build.

Building Process

Once the pre-build process is done, the fun can begin!  However, building is only fun when it’s properly organized for you, the homeowner.  To help with this process, homeowners have online access to all the details of their home.   This site will lay out all the selections for your home, as well as deadlines for decisions, bids from suppliers, communication from the builders, and more.  Also, it has a handy budget page that keeps you up to date on any changes that impact the price.  This budget page will give you one-click access to see your contract price, overs/unders, and the current price.

During the building process, you will never need to make a decision without knowing the add/deduct of that decision.  After all, who goes shopping without knowing the price of what they are buying?  This seems logical, but far too often homeowners are left in the dark about the impact of changes while building a custom home.  Any change, whether adding a can light or deleting a door, will be detailed and priced prior to that change being made.  You are always in complete control of your overages.

During the build, there will be plenty of face to face meetings, jobsite meetings, walkthroughs, etc.  You may also visit the house as much as you want.  The team at Ironwood Builders is dedicated to making the building process an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Warranty Process

After closing on your new home, you will receive a 1 year builder warranty.  You will also have longer warranties from certain manufactures and suppliers, such as windows, shingles, siding, appliances, etc….  During the one year, feel free to contact us.  Unlike other builders, you will not need to wait until the end of the 1-year for service.  If you have a problem, contact us, and we’ll handle it in a timely manner.