I have built two homes with two separate builders prior to our Ironwood Builders' Home.  Both of the previous experiences were tainted with hidden costs, overcharges, and lack of follow-up for defects in the homes.  For these reasons I had reservations about a third attempt with a third builder.  Our experience with Joe and Roger was completely different. 

Our experience was very pleasant, the progress right on time, no hidden charges: on budget all the way and the quality of our home second to none.  In fact our Ironwood home is better than a home we had built a few years ago for a five-fold higher price.  To Joe and Roger, I am grateful to have found two very honest, hard-working individuals who to this day 6 months after completion of our home, have promptly (and with kindness), responded to every need we have had with our new home.  Thank you Joe and Roger for being the best builders we have worked with in Lincoln.

Dan Samani, MD

Having to move from the warmth of south Florida back to Lincoln and try and find a home, the whole house finding process can prove daunting. Spending a week back in Nebraska, my wife and I toured a multitude of homes in the Lincoln area. With each house we visited, we began to have a little more despair that we would not be able to find a house that we could call "home" for us and our two boys. Finally, our realtor showed us a house under construction that was being built by Roger and Joe. Although still early within the construction phase, we toured a similar home that was completed a year prior for the Tour of Homes. Upon walking into this house, both my wife and I fell in love with the house. It became immediately obvious that both Joe and Roger build homes which are not your standard "cookie-cutter" homes. The details within the design and the quality materials they use lend distinction to the project. Furthermore, since our house was still early within the construction phase, we were able to make some minor changes to the plan. Both Roger and Joe were extremely open and helpful and courteous throughout this entire process, and we cannot be happier with the final result. These builders truly make homes, not just houses. In the future, as our needs changes, I would not hesitate to use Ironwood Builders for our next "home."

Cassidy Douglas Mitchell, MD

My husband and I sold our house prior to finding one that we wanted to buy.  We ended up moving to a temporary home while still searching for the home of our dreams.  After many months we decided that if we wanted a home that matched our style and needs we would need to build a new home.  As we started to think about building a house, we immediately thought about Ironwood Builders.  We had previously been through several Ironwood houses and loved their style, craftsmanship, and quality.  We figured that Ironwood would be out of our price range, but Joe and Roger really encouraged us to let them bid our house design.  While the bidding was going on, we took my parents through a couple of Ironwood houses.  My dad had recently built his own home and is extremely picky about the quality of products and craftsmanship and knew he would tell us if he felt like Ironwood was a quality company to work with.  My dad was very impressed with Joe and Roger’s work, their answers to his MANY questions, and their dedication to meeting the needs of their clients.   Allowing Ironwood to bid our house plan was the best decision we could have made!  Joe and Roger’s bid actually came in lower than another bid and we were thrilled that we would be able to work with them on our new home.

During the building process Joe and Roger were extremely helpful!  They paid close attention to the little details of the project and were receptive to our needs throughout the process.  When asked, they provided us with opinions on colors, choices of products, etc., but ultimately allowed us to make decisions that fit our style.  They were very good at communicating our needs and wants to subcontractors, as well as allowing us to work directly with subcontractors as need be.  They were easy to get a hold of and were responsive to our email questions and phone calls.

Joe and Roger’s great service did not stop at the closing of our home.  Joe and Roger have continued to be responsive to any small common warranty items and have gone above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied with our Ironwood home.

We would highly recommend Ironwood Builders to anyone and appreciate all that Joe and Roger have done to build the house of our dreams.

Jessie & Andrew Carlson

I remember the first time we saw an Ironwood Builders sign on a lot, my husband knew that they built a beautiful home.  We later found out that the products that are usually an upgrade with other builders came standard with an Ironwood home, which was really appealing to us.  That same night we checked out their website and both said "WOW, these homes are just beautiful!"  We were able to see that they use all the materials that we wanted to have in our next home.  
We met with Roger and Joe a year and a half before we were actually able to make the move and build.  The timing just wasn't right for our family.  When the timing was finally right, we knew we wanted Ironwood to build our house.  They really listened to what we wanted and were able to design a floor plan that fit the needs of our family perfectly.  After the first couple of conversations with them, we knew that they would build us a beautiful home as well as be first class individuals to work with.  I wish I could have said this about the builder who built our previous house.  Having peace of mind in knowing we were going to work with honest, caring builders made the decision easier when it came time to sign the purchase papers.
We could go on and on with nothing but good things to say about Roger and Joe....  They are two of the nicest guys we have ever met!  (And all of their subcontractors too!)  And their professionalism I think far surpasses that of other builders.  They were always in communication with us, keeping us up to date with what was happening with the house and finished the house on schedule.  And they always seemed to be available to answer our phone call when we needed them.  
We are thrilled to finally have our Ironwood home and it's more beautiful than we could have ever imagined it would be!  Our experience could not have been better and we would definitely, definitely build with Roger and Joe again!
Bobby and Sara McCullough

We've built a number of homes throughout the years, and by far had our most pleasant experience with Joe and Roger with Ironwood Builders. Many times people are hesitant to build a home because they don't want to deal with all of the typical issues and headaches that can come with the process. Building a home with Joe and Roger virtually eliminates all of the concerns you may typically have. They are always available to talk through any questions or concerns you may have, and when issues do arise they aren't afraid to tackle the problem head on and be proactive in offering the solution.

It may be too simple of a thought process, but we tend to do business with people that we like and enjoy being around. At the end of the process of building a home, many people don't have many good things to say about their builder. We're happy to say that not only do we have a quality home, but we're most happy to call both Roger and Joe our friends.

Jeff and Tammie Jorgensen

I love my new home!  The process of buying and building a custom home was amazingly easy because I did it with Ironwood Builders!  I have heard and read sad stories from people who built homes and seemed to regret their decision to do so every step of the way.  My guess is that they may not have properly researched their builders or carefully inspected the builders’ homes before signing a contract.  I think that getting to know Joe and Roger of Ironwood Builders and seeing their homes gave me the confidence to know they would build a great home for me---and they did!

Joe and Roger explained the process, outlined the phases and the due dates for me to make specific decisions, and provided their list of reputable and helpful vendors for me to meet with to make product selections.  They were respectful of my budget and throughout the process they explained alternative options with costs to help me stay within the budget.  Joe and Roger always answered their phones or returned my calls promptly and they communicated easily and effectively with me through email, as well.  I never felt ignored or out-of-the-loop.  In fact, Joe even called me to tell me when something exciting was happening so I could be there to see it.

Joe and Roger are just good, down-to-earth guys to know and work with.  They have integrity and good character.  The sub-contractors would even make unsolicited complimentary comments about them to me when I was on the build-site; I know this is high praise because these skilled workers have dealt with all kinds of personality types of many builders.  My new neighbors-to-be also told me how happy they were to know that Ironwood Builders would be building my home because they knew the quality of their work.  Joe and Roger truly want to do a good job and they really care if their homeowners are happy and they both take personal responsibility to make sure that happens.  I recall the day that Joe drove me all over Lincoln to show me lots for sale and because I asked him, he honestly gave me his thoughts on characteristics and features of various neighborhoods and areas so that I could find the best fit for me and my lifestyle. 

Joe and Roger also both have this great knack of not over-reacting, and not getting too excited about something that may have gone wrong---they take it all in stride.  This helped me to stay calm and confident that they would always take care of everything---and they always did.  They got to know me well enough to know the style of the interior and exterior that I wanted to have and they respected that.  I honestly believe they helped me to get the new home I dreamed of and at the same time they have a home they were proud to build and have their sign in front of.  I love my new Ironwood Builders home!

Margaret Lichty, Ph.D.

I wanted to take the time to extend my appreciation to the wonderful job you both did in constructing my new home. I am extremely pleased with the job Ironwood Builders did on the organization and structure of all the different factors involved with home construction. From the early days when you helped me develop a blueprint for my home, to the final days and details of closing on the house, everything was first rate!

Your ability to clearly communicate with me as your client is a great asset to have; one that I know other builders and developers do not possess. I was so thankful that you kept me updated daily and that if I had questions you were prompt in finding the answers and getting back to me quickly. Your honesty and clarity made for a smooth progression of events in getting the house up and finished. 

There are not enough words to go on paper to explain how comfortable I felt working with you.  Ironwood Builders should be proud of their construction and of their honest manner in dealing with clients. You certainly have built a reputation that is well deserved.

Thank you Joe and Roger!

Kyle Wooster

When we decided to build, we looked at a lot of homes. But when we looked at the homes by Ironwood Builders, we knew when we walked in and met with Roger and Joe that they were the ones to build our home. We loved all the detail, the style, and the pride they take in their homes. We really like the open fireplace & the tile in the bathrooms.  They are honest, patient, and you can call them at any time and they are there for you…which is what we were looking for. They will tell you right were you are at on the budget, which is something we needed to know. They are there to make sure you have what you want in your home. We would highly recommend Roger and Joe. We love our new home and we cannot thank them enough for all they have done, and what a pleasure it was working with them. If you have any questions feel free to call us, we would love to tell you about Ironwood Builders.

Darrell and Kay Getzfred

My wife, Linda, and I moved into our new Ironwood home in November, 2008.Joe and Roger believe that the customer should have their home the way they want it and make every effort to accomplish just that. They were extremely cooperative and flexible with us. We are very pleased with the quality that they build into their homes. After living in our home for several months, we decided to add a large family room, bedroom, bathroom and storage areas to our lower level. We were so pleased with Ironwood that we had them do this job also. We feel very fortunate that we chose Ironwood/Joe and Roger as our builder and highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a new home.

Larry Pierce

My wife and I looked for 5 years for the right builder and the right house. Ironwood Builders not only built our Dream Home, they finished on time and right at our projected budget. Roger and Joe are very easy to work with, and we have had many compliments on the house. Great Job!

Michael & Tiffany Butcher

When we first visited an Ironwood open house, we were immediately impressed by the quality and style of the homes that Joe and Roger build. Before starting the building process, we compared Ironwood's homes with those offered by other builders, and none of them could match the value we'd found with Ironwood. We decided to take the leap and build our first new home with Ironwood. Even though we were busy planning our wedding and selling our previous home, the process was amazingly smooth. Joe and Roger patiently answered our questions and helped us create the home we'd always wanted. The minute we moved into our new house, it felt like home. Thank you, Joe and Roger!

Kurt and Lynette Von Minden

Buying or building a home is such a big step that no one wants to get it wrong. So like other homebuyers, we took the time to thoroughly search the market. Of all the homes we looked at, those built by Ironwood Builders are the only ones where we found that impressive “wow” factor. I built a home before, so I dreaded going through the process again. But Ironwood got the floor plan exactly the way we wanted it before we had to make any commitment. The quality of Ironwood’s work is superb, as is the work of their subcontractors. I’m also impressed with the quality of the materials they use…top-line fixtures, oversize efficient windows, even the floor trusses hide the ductwork (something you never think about until it’s too late). Besides pleasing us with the design and construction, we found they’re some of the nicest, most honest people to work with. They gave us personal, professional service and always made us feel like our wants and needs came first. I will continue to recommend Ironwood Builders to everyone I know who is building a home.

Sean Mulvaney

We fell in love with Ironwood Builders as soon as we walked in the door of their Parade home. In fact, we weren't even considering building but after seeing their homes, nothing that we had seen in existing construction compared. We had looked at several homes and were not finding something to call home...until we stepped inside the Parade home. We were immediately struck by their modern taste, accommodating approach and their attention to detail. Roger and Joe were by far the best builders I have worked with and this is the 3rd home I have built. They offer incredible features you will not see in other homes for a value that will absolutely surprise you!! Their process defies the perceptions of building a home making it a fun experience. They offer service like nobody else in the industry, before during AND after the sale. We have and will continue to recommend Ironwood Builders to anyone considering a new home in the Lincoln area. They are professional, thorough, courteous, and very easy to work with. Best of all, they build homes, not just houses! We love our new home and thankful to have found Roger and Joe.

Dave & Heather Smith

Having searched for my perfect house for about eight months, I was beginning to lose hope that my "perfect" house was even out there. One day before my deadline to extend a lease or give notice, I walked into a house built by Ironwood, and I immediately knew that it was the house I was supposed to be in. My realtor also knew by my reaction that I was in the "perfect" house for me. The craftsmanship, the colors and fixtures, and the overall attention to detail in this house was just my style and was what made me feel right at home. Before and after purchasing the home, I have been well taken care of by both Roger and Joe. These two gentlemen have a gift in building high quality homes and in providing top notch care to those who purchase one of their beautifully built homes. I trust the work of Ironwood Builders and would recommend them to anyone looking for their "perfect" home. My daughter and I are extremely blessed to have such a beautiful home to come home to at the end of the day and for that we have Ironwood Builders to thank.

Kim Grabouski

My husband and I decided to build with Ironwood- and we are very happy with the finished product! After many months of searching for a house with our specifications, we couldn't find what we wanted, and then a friend suggested the Ironwood website. We took a look and knew exactly who we wanted to build our 1st home.

Joe and Roger were great to work with. If you are looking for an honest, hardworking and trustworthy builder- Roger and Joe are your best bet. We were able to ask many questions during the building process and pick out the exact specifications and finishes for our home. The upgrades in Ironwood homes are something we'd never seen before, and the quality is impeccable. We would highly suggest Ironwood because they made the dream of our 1st home come true.

Ryan & Amberly Austad

When we first encountered Ironwood Builders a couple years ago, it was through a house they had built. We were very impressed with the quality. When we decided to have a new custom house built for ourselves, we knew we wanted the same quality. Ironwood Builders pay close attention to details and the quality of their homes. We feel their quality is second to none.

Tony and Lori

Working with Joe and Roger of Ironwood Builders was a great experience. I never wanted to build a house because of all the horror stories I'd heard about the building process. Although there are a lot of decisions to be made and a lot of frustrations between what you want and what you can afford, the end result is worth it.  One of the best features of the process is Ironwood's use of technology. Each client is given web access to their own project to manage their selections, approvals and budget on line.  Having never been through the home building process before, this program kept us on track. Roger and Joe were open to building a plan we located on the web and had modified to our needs and were very flexible when it came to making changes along the way, which we did. When it comes to quality, Ironwood excels. Joe and Roger helped us choose a location in their own neighborhood which says a lot about their integrity and desire to build a quality product. Now they are not only our builders, but also our friends and neighbors. Are there changes we would make? Sure, as soon as we win the lottery. But for now we are enjoying our lovely home and thinking about our next venture (with Ironwood of course.)

Susanne & Scott Guthrie

After visiting many model homes and researching builders in the Lincoln area we chose Ironwood Builders to build our new home and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Joe and Roger were excellent to work with throughout the whole process. They began by designing us a one-of-a-kind custom plan incorporating our ideas and needs to executing the construction using the highest quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship and finished by making sure every last detail was done to our satisfaction.

We love our new Ironwood home and would recommend anyone thinking about building a new home to contact Joe and Roger and see the difference of an Ironwood Home!

Scott and Elaine Koch

After two years of searching for a new home and with no intention to build, we visited an Ironwood home during an open house and were instantly impressed with the quality, the energy efficiency and the layout, which just felt ‘right’ because it used the space so intelligently. Although that particular home wasn’t quite right for us, we knew we’d found something special and emailed Roger and Joe the next day to inquire about building. From our first meeting to closing, we were impressed by their friendliness and suggestions to continually improve our plan and design. The attention to customer service went well beyond Roger and Joe to the individual craftsmen and vendors. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with the subcontractors, who executed our ideas perfectly and offered great suggestions that we hadn’t considered before. Flexibility throughout the building process allowed us to stay on schedule while allowing some wiggle room for design tweaks. For example, on a walkthrough during framing, we decided the master bathroom needed a bit more space and the adjoining closet needed a bit less. Within a few days, the walls were adjusted exactly to our specifications. Ironwood’s online system made it easy to determine how much each change or upgrade would cost. We had zero financial surprises at the end of the building process, which we’ve heard is rare!

Ironwood Builders truly goes above and beyond to build attractive, modern, high-quality homes. Now that we’ve been in our house for six months, we still marvel at how lucky we were to find Roger and Joe, especially since we weren’t looking for a builder! Ironwood has continued to check in with us for routine warranty items and small tweaks now that we have lived in the space. This goes way beyond our expectations and demonstrates how much Ironwood cares about its customers getting homes that work for how they live.

Andy & Ashley Washburn

We moved to Lincoln last year and were interested in building a new house.  After touring many homes and meeting with various builders in the area, we decided Ironwood Builders was the best fit for our first new construction home.   Their floor plans, décor and extras were unmatched to other builders’ homes we had toured. Not having built a house before, we were very anxious regarding the timeline and expectations. Joe and Roger set our minds at ease by keeping us constantly updated on the progress of our home. They were always a phone call away if we had any questions.

As the closing date arrived and it was time to move, Ironwood was ready and right on schedule.  We were moved on the expected date and there were no surprises with Ironwood Builders.  Even after the finish date Roger and Joe have kept in contact with us to make sure things are as we had expected.  I would recommend Ironwood Builders to anyone interested in building!  We had a fantastic experience!

Nick & Amy Maher

Joe and Roger, we wanted to say thank you for the excellent job you did building our new house! From the moment we met you, to completion day, you were both easy to work with. We feel very fortunate to have chosen you as our builder and would certainly choose you again without any hesitation. We could not be more pleased with our new house. Ironwood Builders has chosen to surround themselves with the best subcontractors who were very personable, hardworking, and answered all of our questions. We feel our home is a reflection of the combination of ideas that both of us had for our house. Joe and Roger were able to use their expertise to create our dream home.

On a personal note, we feel privileged to have met Joe, Roger and their families and are happy to call them friends as well.

We highly recommend Ironwood Builders to anyone!

Thanks again,

John and Lisa Hartmann

Roger and Joe,

We are so happy we chose you to build our new home. We looked at many builders and went through lots of houses, and kept coming back to the details and quality of how you build your homes.  You both were so easy to work with and worked hard to see our vision of what we wanted from our home.  You have very experienced electricians, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers, etc. that you team with and it shows. We appreciate the communication through e-mail, and the phone calls returned in a timely manner always. For me (Teresa) it was more personal to actually talk with someone, and even in this day of texting and e-mails, you always took the time for my calls. I wanted to feel like I was involved the whole time, and I did. The computer deadlines were great as we always knew when we needed to have the next decision made. There were no surprises when the prices came in different. We were updated promptly if we chose something more expensive than what was in our bid. If there was ever a problem or concern, it was handled immediately to our satisfaction.

We could not have been happier and will always recommend Ironwood as the builder to choose!

Teresa and Dan King

After a few months of looking for existing houses, in early 2011 we decided that we were going to build and started meeting with potential home builders.  After a two month search we ended up choosing Ironwood Builders.  There were many reasons we went with Ironwood; overall we noticed that every house Ironwood completed was meticulous and done with a level of professionalism we didn’t see from other builders.  In addition, we felt it was critical that someone was there to manage the entire process, rather than managing and building the house.  We believed that the contractors working for Roger and Joe had significant incentive to do a great job, which they did.  Overall the house was a major success, Ironwood’s professionalism, promptness, and willingness to please the customer was represented throughout the six month process.  We would, and have, recommended anyone considering building to speak with Ironwood first!

Blake & Kelly Johnston

At age 13 I began drawing blueprints of my future dream home.  Over the next 14 years those blueprints evolved several times as my ideas developed.  Perhaps this is why I was unable to find the right home for me after touring numerous houses on the market.  It became obvious that in order to obtain my dream home, I would have to build. 

Who would I trust to bring my design to reality? Ironwood was the first builder that came to mind. I remembered leaving several Ironwood parade homes with the impression that these homes were built with a great deal of pride and attention to detail. 

Now that I am living in my new home, I know first-hand this is true.  Roger and Joe always made my vision their number one goal.  Since they use the same top-notch subcontractors in every home, I knew my home would be of the same high quality as all the Ironwood parade homes I saw in the past.  The entire building process flowed very smoothly as the conclusion of one subcontractor led right into the initiation of another, without periods of no progress. 

Perhaps the best part was the value I received.  As a young professional, I didn’t have many years to save up for this large investment.  I was delighted after meeting with a total of four builders and comparing apples to apples, Ironwood’s bid came in the lowest!  Where else in today’s struggling economy can you find such a value? 

It was such a positive experience that I would not hesitate to build with them again in the future.  Thanks Roger and Joe!      

Sheldon L. Carlow, D.D.S.  

Ironwood Builders built our dream house.  We established an instant connection during our first meeting. No matter how many questions we had, Ironwood recognized that the questions were important to us. Joe and Roger are passionate about building homes, not houses. Homes that will stand the test of time. They pay attention to all the details of the build, from the huge details to the smallest. Joe and Roger were always available when we had a concern, they made this process very simple and more importantly enjoyable.  Joe and Roger are what I call life treasures. The type of people you feel fortunate that you got to meet.  They are fantastic, caring and ethical business men as well as great family men.  Joe and Roger touch and change lives with the quality homes they build, with the care they show.  

Don & Bonnie Chambers

Every fall and spring my wife and I try to visit a few Parade of Homes around Lincoln and the surrounding areas.  Last fall (2011), we stopped by to look at a house built by Ironwood Builders in the Heritage Lakes subdivision.  What we found when we stepped inside was a grand living room with a floor to ceiling rock fireplace, a beautiful staircase, an open kitchen, and nice finishes with excellent craftsmanship.  This was the first time we had been in an Ironwood home, and we knew this was a house we would remember.

After a couple of months of thinking about that house we decided to call Ironwood Builders to see what they could do for us.  We met with Roger and Joe in January and knew right from the start that these guys were straight shooters.  They had some great ideas and really listened to our needs and wants, all the while keeping us in line with the budget we had in mind.  Roger then introduced us to an architect, and we all got together to design a custom home that would work for our family of 5.   By the time spring came, we had a hole in the ground.

Throughout the entire process Joe, Roger, and Shane were readily available to answer our many questions, provided their input, but always allowed us to make our own decisions.  Their easy-to-use website lays out the entire building schedule and records all of the costs for each component.  The bottom line is there for you to see and is adjusted based on your selections, so there are no surprises on the final cost.   It shows you how much is being spent and when each step of the building process is going to take place, so you know what to expect. 

We have many friends who have built homes who have commented that their builders never had the personal touch and input that Joe, Roger, and Shane had with us before, during, and after the building process.  They are wonderful people, as are the many subcontractors that we worked with during the project.  We love our new home!   If we build again, we will choose Ironwood, and we are already spreading the word of our fantastic experience with them. 

Nathan & Jennifer Grube

I have been wanting to write something AWESOME about these Ironwood Builders for a few months now.  Our story begins with selling my house and marrying my Ardel.  We talked about selling his house and buying OUR home finally.  But we looked for a few years thinking we would come across our dream home.  It didn't happen that way at all.  Roger and Joe built a home for Joe's parents and we loved this HOUSE!  It was so much like a home for family and friends. Just the warmth of this IRONWOOD HOUSE made us feel comfortable. I couldn't stop looking at the DESIGN in this home.

When the Parade of Homes would come around we would always fall in love with certain homes and when we would check to see who the builders were... it was always Ironwood.  It must of been a sign from above... because every time I would look at houses we seem to always talk about these Ironwood guys.   Who were very funny and kicked back about what they could do for us.  No pressure no hassle just honest conversation.

So we sat down with Ironwood and talked about a budget and how we would love for them to build our DREAM HOME.  They were always very informational and helpful with most of our ideas and plans.   They really let us build our home the way we wanted.  We have the most energy efficient home which they are famous for.

When I walk into my home today there isn't anything I would change.  We have a warm loving home with a budget we could manage.  Ironwood builds beautiful homes with the help from the subcontractors who also are very important to us.  They also were very nice and helpful with questions or concerns that might arise.  Some of them I could just hug.

I would always tell my friends who should build their dream house.  Matter of fact if I see someone looking at property I say... Ironwood should build your house and then I tell them why.....Amen! 

Shelley and Ardel McVey

We thought we knew what to expect during the building process when we decided to build a new home again. However, after walking through an Ironwood home and choosing to work with Roger and Joe, we were very surprised. They completely changed our view on the whole building process, for the better.

We first walked through an Ironwood home during a Parade of Home’s. We were extremely impressed with the quality and craftsmanship.

Our concerns were if our Ironwood home would turn out as nice as a Parade of Home’s house and if Ironwood could accommodate the accessibility changes we needed.

We can honestly give a resounding yes to that! The attention to detail was amazing. Roger and Joe made the whole experience not only easy, but enjoyable. Their website and online access also made for a fantastic way of keeping up on everything going on. We felt as though we were actually at the building site every day.

We are truly enjoying our new Ironwood home and could not be more pleased.

John and Andrea Ludwig

We love our Ironwood built home.  Ironwood Builders represents quality in every way for service, craftsmanship, and attention to details.  Roger, Joe, and Shane are professional and fun to work with.  Our home is beautiful, comfortable, and fits our lifestyle perfectly.  That is what a custom home should be and Ironwood Builders helped make our vision become a reality. 

Tim and Sherri Jones 

For years myself and my wife had known we would be building a house as soon as we could afford it.  And once the time came where we were ready, we realized there were quite a few choices for builders in the area.  We went to a lot of Parade homes and talked to a ton of new home owners about their building experience.  We knew after about 20+ home owners we questioned that Ironwood was a no-brainer!  Not 1 single Ironwood homeowner had a single negative thing to say about their experience.  When you can give clients a reference list of EVERY single client you’ve had, you know then that Ironwood builds a good home. 

You really have to look at the quality and value when building a home and when you look at the corners that get cut from so many builders in town you get a little worried.  Ironwood not only didn’t cut any corners, they went above and beyond to make a superior quality home that we plan on being in for the next 30+ years.  You get what you pay for and when you build with Ironwood you get more than that.  Being this was our first home we were building we had a lot of ideas of exactly what we wanted.  If we would have gone with some other builders in town we weren’t guaranteed to get the exposure to all the subcontractors that would be needed to make sure the house was exactly what we wanted.  We were able to meet with every single sub throughout the whole process. Even the electrician was amazingly friendly and willing to work with all of our strange requests. 

It’s the little things that you think about after everything is built and how many times does a new homeowner say “ I wish we would have done this” when you talk  to them.  Well with the constant contact with subs, the amazing website experience, and the friendly and supportive guys that Roger and Joe are, I can honestly say we wish we would have done nothing different! 

Aaron & Tiffany Ogden

Building our first home with Ironwood was a very enjoyable experience.  The final product exceeded our expectations and we got everything we wanted out of the project. Roger, Joe, and Shane are knowledgeable about the real estate market, and their experience in the building process is evidenced in the quality of homes they build.  The Ironwood team has great insight and patience.  They did an excellent job of guiding us toward what was in our best interest. 

One notable element of our building process with Ironwood was their efficient communication.  The online project management site was the key to a smooth flowing process.  This allowed for our questions and concerns to be addressed in a timely manner, and gave us a timeline of what decisions needed to be made when, where, and how.  It also included ideas from previous homes built by Ironwood and a financial tool customized to our unique budget. 

We are now the owners of a beautiful home that we can call ours.  The quality service provided by Ironwood Builders combined with quality product is all that we hoped for and more in building our first home.

If we’re lucky enough to build again, Ironwood will be an easy decision for us. 

Trent & Elisa

Professional, patient, and courteous are words that best describe the Ironwood Team.  During the planning as well as every stage of the building process, they made us feel as if all of our questions were very pertinent and important.  They gave us excellent ideas as to how to get the look we wanted.  They would meet with us at any time.  We have received numerous compliments on the quality of work that was done.  Financially, we always knew where we stood -above or below budget.  Details were very important to everyone on the Ironwood Team.

We have lived in our home six months, and there is nothing we would change.  Not only did we get a top quality home, but we developed a sincere friendship with the Ironwood Team.  We would strongly recommend them to build your dream home.

Norm & Micki Kassmeier

We feel privileged to have the chance to write a recommendation for Ironwood. We visited Ironwood homes during few Parade of Homes events. When the opportunity came for us to build our new home we were thrilled that we would have a chance to work with Ironwood.

From our first meeting, to the design of our new home, to the actual build Roger and Joe were in constant communication. The use of a web based project management program really made the difference in the build. Along with Roger and Joe we had the pleasure of working with Shane Wegner, who is kind and responsive. Nothing was done in the house without our approval and any issues that we had were addressed immediately. In addition to Roger and Joe, the team of sub-contractors they had working on our home were exceptional. We had a chance to meet each of them and they were all friendly and listened to our needs. It was as if they were building the home for themselves or a family member. The house was always clean and they really cared about doing the work right.

Our home was finished on time and on budget as outlined by Ironwood from the start of the project, which is rare with builders. We were excited and impressed with our home when we moved in, but the care from Ironwood doesn’t stop the day you take possession of your new home. The lines of communication are still open and Shane is just as responsive as he was during the build to make sure things are right and we are happy.

I knew that we had made the right choice going with Ironwood when Roger told us that he thinks of each house he builds was his own. He wants no less for our home than his very own. We love our new home and would recommend Ironwood to even our closest friends.

Dena & Sven Noe

After meeting with several potential builders, it was easy for us to make the decision to build with Ironwood. Roger and Joe were so easy to talk to; they made us feel comfortable right from the beginning. From designing our floor plan to closing, Roger and Joe made the building process an enjoyable one.

We very much appreciated their transparency in the process. Roger and Joe were open and honest about what we could expect so we didn't have any surprises. The software Ironwood uses is so easy-to-use and allows you to keep up-to-date on everything happening with the building of your home, and your budget.

Roger and Joe were also extremely responsive. Any time we had a question, it was answered quickly and any concerns were addressed without question. The sub-contractors we worked with were also very professional and easy to work with. They provided us with a high-quality, efficient home.

We are so happy with our home. We have referred several friends and family members to Ironwood, knowing they would take good care of them and build beautiful homes for them as well.

Jonathan and Kristin Jakub

We had a great experience with Ironwood.  The quality of work is miles ahead of other builders we looked at, and we're simply amazed at how the house turned out.  Joe and Roger really went the extra mile and helped us get the most out of our budget.

Phillip and Kim Peacock

After searching for an existing home and not finding anything we liked, we decided to build exactly what we wanted and Ironwood builders was able to do just that.  What a fantastic experience and an even better result.  They continued to take care of everything we wanted for our home and we are grateful for the quality home they have provided for our family.  Highly recommend!

Ryan & Jami Tarnick

My wife and I had toured a handful of Ironwood homes and had viewed more of their work from the photos on the website. We had noticed and appreciated the quality of finishes and the level of detail in Ironwood’s homes.  We weighed the option of buying a 5 year old home for less than we knew it would cost us for new construction. When we compared the two options, it became clear the quality and value found in an Ironwood project is what we really wanted. Almost a year after moving into our new home, I would do it all over again and I would build with Ironwood again. Roger and Joe made the process easy for us. My wife and I lead busy lives. We both work full-time and have two young children. While Ironwood kept us plenty involved, they also had an online system that allowed us to communicate when it was convenient for us to stay informed and involved in the selection of materials, the budget, project timeline, etc.

The other thing I appreciate is that Roger and Joe have a long-term perspective in mind. I believe that’s why they’ve earned the reputation they have. I never felt they were taking a short cut. When a potential issue arised, they made it right. That’s why we would build with Ironwood again and would certainly feel comfortable recommending them to any of our family or friends.

John & Tiffany Thompson

There are so many great things I could say about building with Ironwood but what matters most is they truly exceeded our expectations before, during, and after our house was built. Roger, Joe, and Shane took the time to listen to our ideas, preferences, and concerns, and made the process feel like a partnership. With this being our first homebuilding experience, my wife and I went into the process with many questions about how things would work. Ironwood took the time to explain everything and was completely transparent about the costs, time, and decisions that would factor into the process. We have been in our home almost a year now and are extremely pleased with the quality and craftsmanship that Ironwood provided. We would recommend them to anyone and everyone looking to build a home in the Lincoln area.

Dan & Susan Senft

We were just checking out the builder-scene when Morgan e-mailed Ironwood. Our "plan" was to find a builder, buy some land and then start building after we had what we thought would be enough money saved to start this endeavor. But those plans went out the window when we had our first meeting with Roger. We knew immediately that we wanted Ironwood to build our dream home.

During the process we were told by others that had built with other companies, that we would have so many meetings and that our marriage might be tested because of this process. This couldn't be further from the truth for our experience. Roger totally "got" our vision and all of the other vendors that we worked with did as well. Each time we met with Roger, Joe and/or Shane we were greeted with smiles and people who would listen as well as give input. This was crucial for we "first timers".

On site the crews were always very polite and willing to give us updates on things that were being completed or what was coming up next.

We would have to say that building with Ironwood was in the cards for us and we are now enjoying our dream custom home. We would and have highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for some amazing builders.

Thank you guys for all that you have done and continue to do for us!

Morgan & Nic LaHolt

There are a number of Lincoln builders who produce very fine homes.  But what happens once you have moved into your new home and you then notice some oversights/omissions?  Truly custom-built homes are going to have a few things you overlooked and perhaps even a few things the builder overlooked.  What we think separates the folks at Ironwood from the rest of the pack is their post-occupancy commitment.   When we had any concerns or problems, we contacted Roger, Joe or Shane and one or more of them always responded quickly by email and/or phone to made arrangements to come to the house when we were there.  In several cases, they even had their subcontractors come and be a part of the conversation.   So far, all of our requests and concerns have been taken care of quickly and professionally, never with an adversarial tone.  Our experience with Ironwood has been quite different that some very close friends who built a new house at about the same time as we did but with a different, well-known Lincoln builder.  Our friends overlooked a few things, as did their builder, in their new custom-built home.  When they contacted their builder, the builder simply gave them the name and phone number of the subcontractor and told them to contact the subcontractor and deal with it themselves.  What kind of clout does a new home owner have with a subcontractor, compared to the clout that the builder has with the subcontractor?  We are sure glad that our dealings were always with Roger, Joe and Shane. 

Garry & Kathy Duncan

I got to know Roger on a personal level when we lived in the same neighborhood.  Unfortunately, Ironwood did not build my first house but he was the first one I called when I bought a new home to remodel.  We bought a house that was built in the early 1970's and never updated.  We did a COMPLETE remodel (going as far as moving the stairs).  On top of that, we were living in California at the time and managed the whole process remote.  Roger & his team at Ironwood were a pleasure to work with.  The project was on time, on budget, and exceeded our expectations.  I really like the fact that Ironwood is a well-run business on top of being very talented builders.  They are extremely tech savvy (regularly texting us pictures, FaceTime meetings, etc.).  I have recommended them to several friends and would not even shop around if I were to build a new home.      

Nick & Betsy Strope

I first met Roger and Joe when the American Cancer Society was involved in a fundraiser in one of houses that they had built for a doctor in town, he wanted to do a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We had an event that included food, a one-man band and a house that was decorated by Joan and Associates.  It was a great experience and I knew from that point on if I was ever to build a house that I would choose Ironwood Builders.

So, after looking at many houses to buy that didn’t meet our needs we reached out to Roger and Joe.  They walked us through the process and showed us a design that we really liked.  We already had a lot picked out and away they went with the process.  I have heard so many horror stories about building a house that of course we were worried.  Ironwood Builders use a web site that walks you through all of the decisions that you need to made and a time frame that they need to be done. This was the best thing about building a house, we could work ahead on the decision if we wanted to or ask questions or for other suggestions if we didn’t find what we wanted.  Not only are Roger and Joe wonderful, we worked with Shane and he is amazing too. The contractors that they use are truly the best and so easy to work with.  In one year, we opened a restaurant, got married and built a house with Ironwood and we think that out of the 3 things, building the house was the easiest.  We would recommend them to anyone! 

 Joe & Ronda Armstrong

 To Anyone Interested in Building with Ironwood:

This is our second home built with Ironwood.  Our first was in 2009, and we were obviously happy with the process and the home as we chose them again to build our "forever home." However, when we decided to build again, we still requested bids from three other builders in addition to Ironwood.  If you have already received bids for your home, then you will notice that Ironwood bids are a little bit higher than some other companies. What you need to focus on, though, is what comes with that price and make sure to not simply focus on the price.  This is your home, not a TV you are searching for the best deal on Black Friday.

With that higher price comes quality materials, quality work, and quality people you will be working with. Roger worked with us a lot in the beginning stages with the bid and the initial work to get our home started, i.e. the foundation, electrical, etc. He also became highly involved when a separate concern with our HOA (not due to the building of the home) arose.  Roger went above and beyond what he needed to in order to help my husband and I get past that concern.

Shane was our main contact when our home was actually going up. At a minimum, we had contact with Shane (or Roger or Joe) weekly either through phone calls, e-mail, or the new construction app Ironwood now utilizes.  That is a new feature since our build in 2009. If we contacted Ironwood with a question, then we had an immediate response either with the answer to our question or with a note that our question was received and someone would get back to us soon with the answer. It was comforting to know that even though we were not the only home being built by Ironwood, we received the same attentiveness as if we were.  

Additionally, although Joe, Roger, and Shane are the faces of Ironwood, they obviously have many sub contractors working for them.  My husband and I met many of them, and we received the same treatment. Randy, the painter, was extremely helpful and personable each time we met him, which was multiple. Lance, the audio/visual contractor, went above and beyond his duty by talking with me and the company installing our Internet (we live in a rural area) to make sure everything was done correctly. Andre, who completed our tile, was helpful in guiding us with our tile design options. Randy, the trim carpenter, exceeded our expectations. We wanted a more traditional home, and we found multiple pictures of fireplaces, kitchens, and stair railings that we liked.  He took those pictures and created exactly what we wanted. Ironwood's contact at Carpetland was amazing. After we had picked out our tile, countertops, and paint colors, we went to see her about our floors.  She made sure everything we picked out worked well together and even helped us pick out new paint colors when they didn't. The people at Ferguson made sure we stayed on budget, along with the Countertop contact, who was also very helpful in answering our questions about the pros and cons of the different material options. There were other people we met during the process, and each one seemed to take pride in their work and were very friendly. It definitely takes an army to build a home, and Ironwood has selected a great group of people to make that happen.

Also, it is the little things that make a difference.  We have friends that have built with other companies, and we have found that they were nickel and dimed throughout the process.  So, although they chose companies that bid out less than Ironwood, they ended up going way over budget and spending more than they would have with Ironwood. Ironwood, as I mentioned, starts out with quality materials and components. They are built into their initial bid, so if you want slow closing drawers, then you will not be charged extra.  If you purchase items from outside their vendors, then you will not be charged for the install.

We also have to give a big thank you to Shane who answered all of our questions (and we had a lot) and was great to work with. It was more like we were working with a friend. He also was quick to handle anything that came up during the process.

Again, we would highly recommend Ironwood for your new home build. We love our home and were extremely satisfied with the entire process.

Kyle & Candi Wooster

The Ironwood Team of Roger, Joe and Shane are without question a home buyer’s dream team.  From the initial visit and consultation all the way through closing and beyond they have been nothing short of courteous, professional, and ethical.  Fifteen minutes into our first meet and greet, I realized we were going to be working with a group of gentlemen that care about what they put their name on and how they treat their customer. 

Every step of the way, throughout the entire process, Roger, Joe and Shane were easily accessible and available to answer any and all questions that we had.  They made the process of building a custom home and staying within your budget very straight forward and easy to understand….no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises along the way!  The excellent workmanship and utilization of quality supplies that Ironwood prides itself on using is a reflection of the final product.  Roger, Joe and Shane are also great at any follow up needs you have after the completion of your home.

We could not have asked for a greater group of guys to help us build our wonderful new home.  Roger, Joe and Shane are honest, hard-working, thoughtful individuals who care about what they do – which will be reflected in your finished home!

 Joe & Beth Ludwig

After walking through countless homes, it quickly became clear Ironwood was the only choice.  Simply stated, they are the best new home builder in our area.  Roger, Joe, Shane and the team made the entire process simply enjoyable.  From start to finish, the team was attentive, engaged, transparent, on-time, and on budget.  The craftsmanship in the home is amazing.  The attention to detail is noticeable and remarkable.  My wife and I were fortunate to secure one of the few spec homes Ironwood has built which was nearly complete when Roger and I shook hands to seal the deal on our agreement to purchase the home.  Because we are impatient people and the home was so close to what we wanted, we elected to forego the “start from scratch” new build process and have the team execute a laundry list of adjustments in the spec home.  From the start, it was amazing to interact with each of the individuals who were responsible for each of the adjustments.  The Ironwood team made the process so easy!!  Not only did we get the house of our dreams, we also got the neighborhood our dreams as well!!  We have the best neighbors a person could ever ask for.  If you’re going to build, go with Ironwood.  You will not regret it!!

 Doug & Ellen Rader